It’s that time of year again…

                        Time for Huff n’ Puff!  




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Clue #6, Friday August 11th, 2017


Is today the day? Clue #6 is on its way. Eeny, meeny miny moe. Pick the one that overlooks Lake Elmo!

Clue #5, Thursday August 10th 2017


For Clue #5, go up the long drive. If you haven’t already, get your Medallion Hunt on! Just don’t go here until after dawn.

Clue #4, Wednesday August 9th, 2017

Are you ready for more, like Clue #4? Like the birds and the bees, I love looking at trees!

Clue #3, Tuesday August 8th, 2017

It’s time for Clue #3. Are you out looking for me? I know you’ll do your best, until then, I think I’ll take a rest.

Clue #2, Monday August 7th, 2017

For Clue #2, I’m looking at the blue. As I’m sure you recall, I’m on public land that’s accessible for all.

Clue #1, Sunday August 6th, 2017

It’s year number six, are you ready for your fix?! Here’s Clue #1, you can walk or you can run! Search high and search low, but remember, I’m somewhere in Lake Elmo!




We are currently seeking 10 community members who would love to join the Lake Elmo Jaycees!

We provide development opportunities that empower young people (18-40) to create positive change. If you are looking for a way to build your leadership skills and give back to your community contact me. If that person is not you but you know someone who it is, send them my way also. I want to share what this organization has done for me with others.

Our organization focuses on 4 areas of development. Individual, Business, Community and International. Our organization is not afraid to try anything.

Some things offered:

  • Public Speaking completions 
  • Write up/debate competitions
  • Networking
  • Socials
  • Project Management Skills 
  • Community outreach
  • Making new friends and trying new ideas 
so much more!



Please pm, text or call President Mike with any information or questions. (952) 222-7610.  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .



Who Are The Lake Elmo Jaycees?

The Lake Elmo Jaycees is a leadership development organization for young adults 18-40, in and around St. Croix Valley Area. 

As a civic organization for young people, the Lake Elmo Jaycees are developing the next generation of leaders by providing opportunities to stand up and take action in our communities.

We engage members through project management and social entrepreneurship that will make an impact in their communities and build leadership skills.

Our chapter is comprised of young adults who volunteer their time to benefit the community. Whether the need is for manpower or money, we are there to help!  We provide manpower at many events, some are our own events, but we also partner with various organizations and groups have the require help too.  Additionally, we contribute by raising money through community projects, fundraisers and charitable gambling for needs that the community and its people may have.

And we have a lot of fun while doing it!

We put on the annual celebration know statewide as Huff n’ Puff, which is held every 2nd weekend in August.  

The Lake Elmo Jaycees offers a wonderful way to strengthen your skills as a leader and as an individual by getting involved in your community and making new friends!

Leadership Development through Community Service 





Huff n' Puff

Planning for the 41st Annual Huff n' Puff is in full effect.  Look here and on our Facebook page for the latest updates.

Join us at an event

The Lake Elmo Jaycees hold a wide variety of projects and events.  Find one that interests you, and visit us!

Visit us at a meeting

Next Meeting: September 7, 2017

When: 1st Thurs. each month, 7:30 pm

Where: Lake Elmo Fire Hall, Station #1







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